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How often do you need to pump your septic tank?

- Usually every two to three years, depending on your water consumption and the size of your tank. If you have a small septic tank, it will cost less to clean but will need cleaning more often.

-If approaching your normal maintenance time, before major holidays or other times the house gets more visitors, including before big parties (boy, did we learn the hard way).

-More frequently if you use heavy medications or you use your garbage disposal unit often.

I think my tank is leaking. What should I do?

- Call us 250 228-5778 . We provide 24/7 emergency service and we will take care of your problem no matter what day or time of the day.

What are some septic system warning signs?

-It’s been over 3 years since you last pumped your septic tank (or you can’t remember).
-There are wet spots in your drain field or if a large discharge, such as when your washing machine drains, cause your system to overflow.
-Your drains and toilets are draining slowly.
-There are bad smells in your home.

What is involved in cleaning a septic tank?

-If you already know the location of your septic tank, you can save time and money. If you don’t, we can locate it for you quickly.
-Cleaning the average septic tank usually only takes one to three hours. If you have a larger tank, more time and machinery may be needed to dig up the tank.

Things all septic tank owners should know!

-Pumping every two to three years keeps your septic system under control and avoids seepage into the drainage field.
-Clean your filters annually for better septic system performance.
-Check your filter regularly to make sure it is in good condition.
-A septic tank’s life span depends on its size, the number of people in your household, water table changes, tree and/or root invasion, use/abuse, and routine maintenance.

What should you not put down your drains?

-Things that clog your drains, such as grease, condoms, tampons, pads, kitty litter, wipes, cigarette butts.
-Things that will upset the bacterial balance of your septic tank, such as motor oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, paints, stains, and varnishes, and even pharmaceutical drugs and anti-bacterial soaps. Please check with your city on how to safely dispose of these products!
-What are bacterial additives for septic tanks and why should I use them?

What should I do to maintain my septic tank?

-Inspect on occasion and pump every two to three years. As long as the tank is pumped regularly it does not have to be inspected often. Also, your tank will last longer.

How can I find my septic tank?

-Your septic tank, drain field, and reserve drain field should be clearly designated on the “as-built” drawing for your home. An “as-built” drawing is a line drawing that accurately portrays the buildings on your property and is usually filed in your local Environmental Health Agency records. You might also see lids or manhole covers for your septic tank. Older tanks are often hard to find because there are no visible parts. . If you have a problem locating your tank, Ez Flow Septic Pumping can help. Call us

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